About the Council...

The Darlington County Coordinating Council (DCCC) was established by the League of Women Voters of Darlington County who realized that human service agencies were not communicating with one another. In the spring of 1996, League President Sheila Haney invited Representative Denny Neilson to co-chair the thirty organizations that attended, and later, Representative Jay Lucas assisted in the acquisition of a 501(c)(3) status.

In Darlington County, the need for human services (those services that help those struggling to achieve self-sufficiency) continues to overwhelm the service, community and faith-based organizations seeking to meet that need. In order to achieve a stronger, more self-sustaining community, the service agencies meeting the needs of poverty must be capable of working together. The Darlington County Coordinating Council seeks to proactively create a place where they can - through communication, advocacy and collaborative partnerships that improve and build stronger networks of care.

The Darlington County Coordinating Council is the place where systemic problems in housing, health care, education and others are identified. More importantly, it is the place where those problems are communicated across service organizations, collaboration occurs, and sustainable solutions can be reached.